Ambery – Floral

Inhale the essence of enlightenment with Max Philip Satori, where the magic of the Asian forest weaves through a tranquil symphony of scents. Top notes of Jasmine and Pear captivate with delicate charm, evoking the freshness of blossoms after rain in the forest. Middle notes of Musk and Moss deepen the connection to nature and self. As base notes of Amber and Cetalox unfold, a meditative peace envelops, guiding you on an ethereal journey of self-discovery. Surrender to the enchanting dance of scents and let the Asian forest whisper its wisdom in this sensory journey of spiritual growth.



Top Notes:

Jasmin - Pear   


Middle Notes:

Musk - Moss   



Base Notes: 

Amber - Cetalox

Max Philip Satori


Secrets hidden between breaths, glances cast from the side, influence gained behind closed doors. This is the Max Philip Private Collection. Our fragrances are made in Paris, France, using premium resources to create olfactory masterpieces of the utmost luxurious quality. With a stamp of excellence, each bottle harnesses the art of perfuming and evokes a certain influence upon its wearer. From power to mystery, seduction to rebellion, each scent in the Private collection takes hold of the senses and pulls them along a journey toward a persona imaginable.


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