Woody – Floral – Fruity

Inspired by Max Philip’s love of fine eastern woody scents, this ultra-sensual interpretation captures distinctive blend of rich fruity flavors paired with warm woody lush. Exotic blend of apple and melon give way to a smoky blend of dry wood. The addition of lemon and blooming Lilly of the Valley gives a sophisticated spin that is raw yet refined.



Fragrance Profile


Top Notes:

Apple - Melon 


Middle Notes:

Lemon - Lily of the Valley 


Base Notes: 

Dry Wood   

Max Philip purple


Max Philip Niche Collection is a perfume line that exudes sophistication and elegance, drawing inspiration from the spectrum of colors. Each fragrance in the collection is a unique blend of carefully curated notes, reflecting the spectrum of colors that make up our world. The use of color as a guiding principle in fragrance creation imbues each scent with its own distinct personality, capturing the essence of its chosen hue.

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