Fruity – Floral

Experience the juicy burst of the pineapple enlighten your senses. Max Philip Pineapple carries you along a journey to a tropical oasis guided by the wisdom and nurture of the island fruit. Top notes of pineapple and leaf never waver, complemented by light middle notes of coconut, orange blossom, and patchouli. Base notes of Vanilla and Sandalwood faithfully guarding the essence. Each note in this balanced fragrance adds a new layer to your journey toward dense jungles and hidden island secrets.




Top Notes:

Pineapple - Leaf  


Middle Notes:

Coconut - Orange Blossom - Patchouli  


Base Notes: 

Vanilla - Sandalwood   


Max Philip Niche Collection is a perfume line that exudes sophistication and elegance, drawing inspiration from the spectrum of colors. Each fragrance in the collection is a unique blend of carefully curated notes, reflecting the spectrum of colors that make up our world. The use of color as a guiding principle in fragrance creation imbues each scent with its own distinct personality, capturing the essence of its chosen hue.


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