Woody –  Floral – Musky

Enlighten your senses with Max Philip Ozone. A fresh blend of fragrant florals with comforting earthy notes, creating a natural and versatile aroma. The delicate Lily of the Valley and Bergamot bring an alluring smooth power. Vanilla grounds the floral brightness with warmth and freshness. Violet and cedarwood float throughout providing healing yet light undertones. A scent that will elevate you beyond the Ozone.




Top Notes:

Bergamot - Lily of the Valley  


Middle Notes:

Violet - Cedarwood  


Base Notes: 

Vanilla - Musk   

Max Philip Ozone


Secrets hidden between breaths, glances cast from the side, influence gained behind closed doors. This is the Max Philip Private Collection. Our fragrances are made in Paris, France, using premium resources to create olfactory masterpieces of the utmost luxurious quality. With a stamp of excellence, each bottle harnesses the art of perfuming and evokes a certain influence upon its wearer. From power to mystery, seduction to rebellion, each scent in the Private collection takes hold of the senses and pulls them along a journey toward a persona imaginable.


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