Night Raven

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Woody – Ambery

A true image of suave rebellion, Max  Philip Night Raven drips sophistication and power from its very essence. Top notes of lavender and pepper give way to middle notes of iris and cedarwood, while soft benzoin and leather base notes tease the senses into submission with every inhale. True to its name, this intoxicating scent calls you to break boundaries and rise to the occasion.Only those capable of yielding such power will adorn themselves with Night Raven, embodying its spirit of defiance and status.




Top Notes:

Lavender - Pepper 


Middle Notes:

Iris - Cedarwood  


Base Notes: 

Benzoin - Leather

Max Philip night raven


Secrets hidden between breaths, glances cast from the side, influence gained behind closed doors. This is the Max Philip Private Collection. Our fragrances are made in Paris, France, using premium resources to create olfactory masterpieces of the utmost luxurious quality. With a stamp of excellence, each bottle harnesses the art of perfuming and evokes a certain influence upon its wearer. From power to mystery, seduction to rebellion, each scent in the Private collection takes hold of the senses and pulls them along a journey toward a persona imaginable.


3 reviews for Night Raven

  1. Lara

    I recently tried the 2ml sample of Max Philip Night Raven. It’s an incredibly daring fragrance. What struck me most was the powerful iris note.

  2. Marco Jensen

    A bold and confident fragrance, Max Philip Night Raven is truly nice. However, it’s unique and not everyone can pull it off

  3. Laith

    It’s a bold blend of lavender and leather exudes confidence. Love it, but it’s definitely for those who can carry its unique character.

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