Ambery – Woody

In the grand hall of sensory experiences, Max Philip Crescendo is the conductor’s masterpiece, orchestrating a symphony of scents with sophisticated harmony. It opens with a fortissimo of tobacco’s deep, resonant tones, punctuated by the bright, spicy cadence of ginger. As the scent unfolds, a rich ensemble of vanilla, tonka bean, and cacao play a velvety adagio, their sweet melodies swirling together in a decadent middle movement. The finale is a powerful base of cedarwood and benzoin, notes that resonate with the deep timbre of cellos and basses, leaving behind a legacy of influence that reverberates through the air, much like the lingering resonance of a concert hall long after the music has crescendoed to its breathtaking close.



Top Notes:

Tobacco – Ginger


Middle Notes:

Vanilla – Tonka Bean - Cacao   


Base Notes: 

Cedar wood – Benzoin


max Philip Crescendo


Secrets hidden between breaths, glances cast from the side, influence gained behind closed doors. This is the Max Philip Private Collection. Our fragrances are made in Paris, France, using premium resources to create olfactory masterpieces of the utmost luxurious quality. With a stamp of excellence, each bottle harnesses the art of perfuming and evokes a certain influence upon its wearer. From power to mystery, seduction to rebellion, each scent in the Private collection takes hold of the senses and pulls them along a journey toward a persona imaginable.


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