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Floral – Fruity – Ambery  

Max Philip Cherry a captivating fragrance that exudes an irresistible aura of power and sensuality. Showcasing a delightful blend of cherry, almonds, and a touch of exquisite liquor as its top notes, creating an intoxicating and alluring opening. Middle notes revealing the opulent essence of Turkish Rose, complemented by the delicate floral notes of jasmine and the luscious sweetness of Peru Plum. Base notes of sandalwood and cedar provide a warm and seductive foundation, leaving a lasting impression that embodies the allure of cherry. Max Philip Cherry is the epitome of sophistication and allure, perfect for those seeking a fragrance that exudes confidence and sexiness.





Top Notes:

Cherry - Almond - Liquor 


Middle Notes:

Turkish Rose - Jasmine - Peru Balm  


Base Notes: 

Sandal Wood - Cedar - Tonka Beans   

Max Philip cherry
Max Philip cherry


Max Philip Niche Collection is a perfume line that exudes sophistication and elegance, drawing inspiration from the spectrum of colors. Each fragrance in the collection is a unique blend of carefully curated notes, reflecting the spectrum of colors that make up our world. The use of color as a guiding principle in fragrance creation imbues each scent with its own distinct personality, capturing the essence of its chosen hue.

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5 reviews for CHERRY

  1. hello1

    A very nice and interesting Cherry fragrance.

  2. Dmitri

    As someone who absolutely adores cherry fragrances, I’ve ventured down the aromatic rabbit hole quite a bit. Yet, Max Philip Cherry stands out uniquely. Its harmonious blend of sweet and fruity cherry notes hits that elusive sweet spot I’ve been hunting for. Not to mention, it lingers all day long, making it versatile for any occasion. If you’re a fellow cherry scent aficionado, I’d say Max Philip Cherry is a must-try!

  3. Natalia12

    I recently bought the Cherry fragrance from Max Philip, and it’s fantastic! The cherry scent is just the right balance of fruity and Ambery. Highly recommended!

  4. Marina

    Max Philip Cherry? Absolutely captivating! In my experience, it’s a winner for anyone who loves sophistication and sexiness in a fragrance.

  5. Elena

    After reading glowing comments about Max Philip Cherry on Fragrantica, I couldn’t resist trying it. It’s safe to say that this fragrance not only met but exceeded my expectations. The cherry, almonds, and liquor notes are delightful. Making it a standout fragrance that lives up to its online praise. Highly recommended!

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